• Center for Behavioral, Educational & Social Therapies (C.B.E.S.T)


At C.B.E.S.T., our mission is to help children develop to their full potential by enhancing their learning environment so they can become functional with minimal support in mainstream environments. We strive to meet our mission by hiring the most competent individuals who are passionate, caring, patient, and eager to make a difference in a child’s life. We work hard to supervise and train our staff to ensure a quality service is delivered to our students and schools. 

The Behavior Specialists, Case Managers and Director have always been very responsive to the needs of our students. The teams with whom I've worked, at various school sites over the past 10 years, are the most professional, courteous, knowledgeable and flexible of any other agency with whom I've worked. As a school administrator, C.B.E.S.T. is always my first recommendation when I have students who need intensive behavior therapy in the school setting. I have seen the results and the proof is when I have parents who are smiling because their child is beginning to have meaningful participation in the classroom, sometimes for the first time in their school career. Thank you for a job well done! -Assistant Principal
We are very pleased with everyone on your staff/team, and the tremendous progress of my child. -Anonymous
For the past 7yrs the behavior intervention strategies that have been used for my son have worked as he has changed in age and grade. The support that we have received during the 7yrs has been wonderful and very,very supportive. The Behaviorists that have worked with my son have been very in tuned to my son's need of his strengths and weakness in order to give him structure that he needs daily at school. -Anonymous
I have gained an understanding of the daily challenges that youth with autism experience, and through it, I have also become an advocate for them.-Anonymous
Dr. Bahador and the rest of the team incorporate intervention in multiple social ecological systems and settings and do so in a socially responsible, culturally sensitive way. -Anonymous